Excellent Guide for Twitter Users

Many people view Twitter as a place to express themselves; however, it is also a tool that can be used to network, expand your business and convert people to consumers and customers.

Insight to all the ins and outs
Social Media Examiner IconSocial Media Examiner is a wonderful site that is constantly releasing information about how to use Twitter effectively.  The design of the site was a little misleading.  It looked like an animated safari with a cute cartoon adventurer that led me to believe it was a site targeted to kids.  However, when I began to read, I understood that these posts were for professional people wanting to make headway in this particular social media site.  It shows step by step different ways to improve your networking skill, gain more connections, help your business, and much more.  Although, most of the posts are not short and sweet, this site provides rich detail of each step thoroughly explaining the processes of bettering your Twitter experience.  It also explains what certain tools are, why it is so important to use them, and how it will influence the business.

Twitter Generational Lead Card ExampleThe Social Media Examiner uses many images as references and examples in the posts to have visual understanding of the recommendations they make.  For example, one post was explaining trying to explain what a Twitter Generational Lead Card was, but it was not clicking for me until I scrolled down and saw the picture that you are seeing which is an example of one.  Also, there is a great use of interlinks for words that people, who are not social media savvy, might not be familiar with like “social proof” for example.  Those interlinks will take you to another post that explains the word or concept in depth.

I would caution people who are just getting on twitter and are not up to date on basic terms regarding Twitter.  This site is very in depth and explains different tools that most people are not even aware of.  Therefore, if you are just beginning to use Twitter especially for professional use, this site can be very overwhelming and confusing.  For this site, I would like to see a mix between the complex and some advise for simpler tasks like, “steps to make an impressive profile.”  This would broaden the audience, and the site would be more beneficial for advanced twitter users as well as beginners that need help with starting in the social media world on Twitter.


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